The demand for rental properties in Auckland remains strong with demand exceeding supply. At Bayleys we realise that an owners investment property is a significant financial investment. Our rental market changes depending upon demand and supply factors, market rent can change quickly. In order to ensure that you are getting the best possible rate of return on your property it is important to have it appraised regularly.


Bayleys Property Management offers our expertise and provide a personalised service; our management concept is founded on professionalism, integrity, accountability and quality service which maximises your return while maintaining the property well to attract quality tenants.

We understand that your property is one of your most valuable assets; therefore we offer a hands on approach to Property Management, our fee is 9.5% for furnished properties and 8.5% for unfurnished properties.

Our Property Managers are responsible for ensuring that we tenant properties to the best possible applicant, a full credit and reference check is carried out on each applicant.

Inspections are carried out on a regular basis; a full report is provided upon completion and our inspection fee is $50.00 + GST which covers the time that it takes for our Property Managers to carry out the inspection.

Rent is entered on a daily basis and any arrears followed up immediately, Bayleys Property Management has a zero rent arrears policy.

For your convenience our owner log on service can be accessed anywhere, any time on a computer or smart-phone, where you will be able to view all account information relating to your property.

Our aim is to eliminate the headaches which often come with being a landlord; unlock the door to stress free management.


How does a tenant apply for my property? We always ask the prospective tenant to fill in and sign an application form, once we have the signed application for we then have permission to check the information provided.

What if an applicant contacts me? If by the unlikely chance a prospective tenant contacts you to discuss their application, or to ask questions regarding their rejected application, please advise them to contact us.

How do you check an applicant? With the information provided we confirm their payment and tenancy history by calling their current and/or previous landlord and confirm their employment. The application is checked against a national database which shows any unsatisfactory credit history. Tenancy Tribunal Court orders are posted online, we search these for both debt and other tenancy related issues.

In some cases where an applicant may not have a tenancy history we try and confirm other information which may give us insight into their ability to maintain a tenancy in your rental property. A stable employment history and character references are useful indicators. In some instances this is not possible and the application is not accepted.

What reason do you have to give the applicant to reject their application? Legally we not required to provide a reason, it is standard in the industry to not provide a reason.

Who selects the applicant for my property? The Property Manager decides which application to accept based on the information collected, and the presentation of the tenant. The process is very similar to being interviewed for a job and either securing the role or beign rejected.

Do you guarantee the tenant? We are unable to guarantee any approved tenant, we collect information on their past history and confirm and credit rating. Sometime tenants have things happen in their life which impacts their rental payments. This is a risk associated with being a landlord. We do recommend that you leave the property vacant rather than accept an unsuitable tenant.

What do you do to advertise my property? Once we have a signed Management Agreement authorising us to act on your behalf, we list your property in the following forms of advertising:

  1. Bayleys Rental List - A photo your property and advertising blurb is included in our list which is given to prospective tenant who comes in searching for properties. The list is emailed to each Bayleys office.

  2. Internet - Advertising blurb and photos are loaded onto the following websites, maximising coverage to any prospective tenant using the Internet to locate a rental property.

    1. www.bayleys.co.nz
    2. www.trademe.co.nz
    3. www.realestate.co.nz

How should the property be presented? We ask that the property be presented in the best manner possible to attract the right tenant for your property. A dirty or untidy property many give a negative first impression which may detract the right tenant from renting your property.

How clean should the property be when a new tenant moves in? The property should be provided to the tenant in a reasonably clean condition. Reasonably clean is an ambiguous term, which confuses landlords and tenants alike. The most crucial documentation to back up the property condition at the commencement of the tenancy is the property inspection report.

If I allow pets at my property, what expectations will be given to the tenant? If permission is granted to keep a pets at the property we ensure the following criteria and obligations are met:

  1. No additional pet may occupy the property without prior permission.

  2. An additional bond equivalent to one weeks rent is collected.

  3. The pet must be removed from the property if it becomes annoying or bothersome to neighbours (after reasonable warning has been given in writing).

  4. The tenant must be responsible for any damage caused by their pet, and remove any rubbish or faeces deposited by the pet.

We also record the details of the pet a separate pet agreement, which is then signed by the tenant.

How do I ensure that the pet will not come inside the property? We obligate the tenant to commit in writing that they will not bring the pet inside. However, as we are unable to monitor the property all of the time we cannot guarantee that pet will not come inside the property.

We do look out for any warning signs whilst at the property conducting inspections. However, the only way to ensure that a pet will not come inside the home is to insist 'No Pets' right from the start of the tenancy.