Frequently Asked Questions

Property Management Service

Bayleys Property Management offers a full management service and a casual letting service. Our Property Managers are responsible for ensuring that we tenant properties to the best possible applicant, a full credit and reference check is carried out on each applicant.

Inspections are carried out on a regular basis; a full report is provided upon completion. Rent is entered on a daily basis and any arrears followed up immediately, Bayleys Property Management has a zero rent arrears policy and all fees are completely tax deductible.

Why do I need a Property Manager?

A professional Property Manager takes care of the day to day running of the property and is the tenant’s point of contact. The Property Manager carries out the inspections and deals with any issues such as arrears and maintenance. Our Property Managers have a good working knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986, and how this relates to the tenancy. Employing the services of a Property Manager saves you time, rents are kept inline with the current market ensuring a better yield, and you can rest assured that all legal obligations in accordance with the Act are met.

What are your fees?

Our management fee is 8.5% for unfurnished properties and 9.0% for furnished properties. The fee is higher for furnished properties as there is more work involved. Fees are charged on all incoming rent and any maintenance expense for the property.

Do you provide a casual letting service?

Yes, Bayleys offer a casual letting service.

What areas in Auckland do you cover?

We cover Auckland from Albany through to Drury.

How many properties do you manage?

The portfolios at Bayleys are smaller than most other organisations; this allows our Property Managers to provide a hands on service to both our tenant and landlord clients. In our experience when Property Managers run large portfolios, such as 150 – 200 properties, the level of service drops as the Property Manager simply becomes too busy to service the client effectively.

How can you ensure that the property is not let to bad tenants?

We do everything we can to vet the tenants thoroughly when they make an application for the property. We carry out credit checks using TINZ; this provides us with the tenant’s credit rating and alerts us if there has been a Tribunal Order against the tenant. Reference checks with previous landlords are carried out and once we are satisfied, the application is then run past the owner for approval.

How long will my property take to let?

This depends upon the market, and the time of year. If there is a shortage of properties, then the property will tenant quickly, if there is a glut of properties on the market the rent may need to be reduce in order to secure a tenant. Winter and the Christmas period tend to be slower periods than other times of the year.

How does the advertising work?

All properties are advertised on the following websites, and We have for rent signs which can be erected outside your property; these often attract tenants driving by who want to live in a specific area.

Who pays for the advertising?

The owner pays the cost of advertising the property which is $150.00 + GST.

Am I best to offer my rental furnished or unfurnished?

We tenant both furnished and unfurnished properties, we can advise you on the best option for your property when we view it.

What is preferable a fixed or periodic tenancy?

We recommend a periodic tenancy as if your personal situation changes and you need to sell or move back into the home, you can provide the tenant with the appropriate notice and are able to do so. A fixed term tenancy does not allow for this, there is a specified date range that the property is agreed to be tenanted for, however if the tenants personal circumstances change they can apply to have the fixed term terminated.

Can you provide me with a correct rental figure?

We can provide you with a rental appraisal, this compares other similar rental properties to your property, it includes up to date rental statistics and can also be used for bank purposes.

How can the tenant arrange viewings?

The tenant can contact the Property Manager on the details listed on the website they found the property on. The mobile number, direct dial number and e-mail address are all listed.

How does a tenant apply for the property?

The Property Manager will forward the tenant an application form; this is also available on our website and can be downloaded.

How much do the tenants need to pay?

The tenant pays the first weeks rent, three weeks rent as bond and a weeks rent plus GST as a letting fee. All funds must be paid and cleared before the key will be released to the tenant.

How much do the tenants need to pay?

The Property Manager will provide the tenant with an Automatic Payment form, they need to complete this and lodge it with their bank. Rental payments are normally paid by AP, however occasionally cash payments are made directly at the office.

What happens if the tenant misses a rental payment?

Bayleys has a zero rent arrears policy, when the tenant misses a payment they are sent a reminder text, this is sent the day after the rent is due. The Property Manager rings the tenant when they are three days in arrears. If no funds are received a 14 day notice is issued when the tenant is five days in arrears and an application is made to Tenancy Services at this time.

How often can you increase the rent?

If the tenancy is a periodic tenancy the rent can be increased after the first 180 days of the tenancy, the next rent increase can only be made 180 days after the last increase. Fixed term tenancies can have rent increases providing the tenancy agreement has an appropriate clause inserted allowing this.

Do I need special insurance if my property is tenanted?

Both the building and your chattels need to be insured, you will need to inform your insurance company that the property is being tenanted. There are comprehensive landlord insurance policies which cover risk particular to landlords, we recommend taking out landlord insurance

Do the tenants need insurance?

We inform tenants that they are required to have contents insurance.

How are inspections carried out and how often?

The first inspection is carried out 28 days after the tenancy commences, then every 13 weeks. The Property Manager use a tablet and take photos and video footage if required. A comprehensive report is sent out to the owner. The initial inspection is free, periodic inspections are $45.00 per inspection.

Who is responsible for the lawns and gardens?

The tenant is responsible for maintaining the lawns and gardens, however large tree or hedge trimming is an owner’s expense. Any exterior house washing or gutter cleaning is also an owner’s expense.

Who is responsible for the Water Invoices?

Tenants are required to pay for metered water consumption; any fixed charge is the owner’s expense. If the property has tank water, the owner must pay for the tank to be filled at the commencement of the tenancy, the tenant then pays to have the tank filled.