Bayleys Way

The family values instilled by the company’s founders remain constant, and underpin the culture of the company today. These are the key characteristics of the ‘Bayleys Way’ and identify the behaviours that are expected from all Bayleys people.

  • Client care - we recognise that clients pay our wages

  • We go the extra mile to provide products and services that maximise the value of our clients’ real estate assets

  • We identify opportunities to enhance our service offering by establishing and maintaining professional, cohesive, effective relationships with clients

  • We are trustworthy, honest, and easy to do business with

  • We foster and reward loyalty and long standing relationships

  • We encourage open, honest and personal communication with our clients, and seek their feedback

  • People - we respect our people and value their contributions

  • We recognise our obligation to provide leadership and direction for our people in communicating our vision, values, and goals

  • We treat others with respect, dignity, and fairness

  • We foster and reward loyalty, and long standing relationships

  • We inspire others towards excellence by providing timely feedback on performance

  • We believe in open, honest and personal communication with our people

  • We encourage people to continue to grow through learning and provide opportunities for personal growth

  • We recognise high standards of performance and celebrate success

  • We provide a safe working environment for our people

  • We encourage people to work and participate in the community, and to support charitable projects

  • We expect our people to lead by example

  • We encourage our people to maintain a balance between their work and their personal lives

  • We have fun in what we do Innovation - we recognise innovation as a point of difference

  • We are a market leader, not a follower

  • We are pioneers, we form our own queue

  • We seek out knowledge and leading innovations from our alliance partners, suppliers, and the industry, to drive improvements and add value to our service offerings

  • We encourage innovation in the work environment by supporting the open flow of ideas and opinions Continuous improvement - we aim to be better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today

  • We proactively seek out smarter ways of working, and encourage on-going improvements to business processes

  • We continually strive to be the superior supplier of real estate services, and to be a best practice performer

  • We encourage people to collaborate, share, and learn from each other to prevent repetition of mistakes and the duplication of effort

  • We encourage synergy between agents, offices, and regions Performance - we are accountable for the achievement of results

  • We strive to achieve and exceed our financial targets

  • We set challenging but realistic goals for ourselves

  • We are action oriented

  • We ensure everything we do is focused and aligned to our vision

  • We deliver on all our promises

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